Autopay Rewards


1) Fast & Easy Payments
Remove the hassle and extra cost of buying money orders, writing checks, driving in to drop off payments at the store and/or calls to your bank.


2) ‘Skip-A-Payment’ Pass
Wouldn’t it be nice to skip a car payment when you really need to?  Sign up for Autopay Rewards and you can!  CarHop Autopay Rewards are our way of saying ‘thank you’ to customers who pay us with Autopay or PayCheck Direct.  Just make 6 months of on-time payments via autopay and you skip one payment**, when you choose, no questions asked.  You can use it as soon as you earn it or save it for a rainy day!


Yes!  I want my Autopay Rewards!

Call 800-414-2622 or click here to sign up online.